23 January 2009

Happiness' not gonna stay

And thus stupidity comes into the picture.

Happiness likes to stop by.
rub it in.
lets you glow.
lets you float.

and then BAM!!
it left. runaway.

no letters, not even little notes.
no news.
no message.

An emotional wreck without any reason is stupid.
and therefore i'm stupid.

please excuse this excruciatingly shallow post.
just wanted to let it out.

I cried for no apparent reason.
is it because what my dad said?
i shouldn't care. but i know i should!
(yup, money. atikah, REMEMBER to pay them back!! EVERY CENT!!)
but not to a point of crying.

stupid atikah. ERRRGHHHH!!!!!

and just now at work.
just as i was ready to finish up my work. NAK BALIK DAH OIIII!
the printer wont print!!!
just 3 pages for crying out LOUD!
suddenly NOW it doesnt want to work.

stupid printer!!

Thank god, I'm a clever b***h.
changed a few setting. and the printer prints!

o ya, my title.
its true you know.
alaa.. like the term;
"sometimes you're up.
sometimes you're down."
its how you see it. i guess.

this time, i want to see it in a negative way.
please let me be negative/frown/throws a tantrum/scream/curse JUST for a day.

heck, i'm gonna do it. its my life right?

one more.
Dear friends, (especially Tai C,L, Cheong S.Y, Daniel)
Happy Chinese New Year!
Year of the Ox. but don't drink too much X.O.