21 December 2012

Guess What?!

Time: 11.18pm

21 Dec 2012 is ending in just over 40 minutes.


What happens next?

A zombie apocalypse?


20 December 2012

Update 2012

I either update my blog when its year-end or new year.


Oh well.

Aik? tiba-tiba rajin plak?

actually, posting an entry has been dancing around my head for the past few weeks.
rindu pula.

Nobody reads this blog anyways~

But now, I'm into just taking photos and filtering and instagramming.

tsk! pi oh wai oh!

But since instagram has been bought over by the oh-so-rich zuckerberg dude.
Now, instagram decided to change their "privacy policy & terms of service".


Rumour (or actual fact?) has it that from 16th Jan 2013, instagram has the right to sell (yes, SELL) your photos.
Even though you made your account as private. *insert jackie chan meme here*
Screw it, I insert terus la.
Just when i started to love something free, it decided to 'make money' of off me.
the F?

(ayat di atas merasakan diri sangat perasan yang akan ada orang nak beli gmbr instagram saya. LOL)

*Scrap all the above. Just read their statements via instagram. Yeay! NO SELLING! NO SIGH! Woot*

2012 has seen a lot of changes happening to the 'cyber' space. ade ke orang pakai lagi that word?

gadget world?

Steve Jobs mati je, apple terus went haywire.
"over my dead body if we decided to make an ipad mini." he laughed.
Well, Mr Jobs, sir (bless your soul), I guess their prayers were answered quite fast...
On a lighter note, at least they compensated to make a movie about you.

And don't get me started on iphone 5 and iOS 6.

With all those brain storming sessions, you (yes you, Apple) decided to make the phone LONGER??
And you took out (out of all things/apps) Youtube and changed Maps?

(if tak faham, sila google and do your own research)

21.12.12 is nearing. Its this Friday.
Kiamat hari Jumaat kan?
Mungkin Mayan people are right? haha.
Siapa yang percaya dunia nak kiamat, sila la bertaubat.
Kalau dah rasa cukup pahala, tambah la lagi.
Kalau rasa pahala tu kurang dari dosa, taubat dan taubat la lagi.

Allah is the Most Merciful.

InsyaAllah 2013 akan tiba dengan selamat.
dan InsyaAllah juga, there will a knot to tie.
Amiinn.. :)

InsyaAllah, I will try to update more.

Take care.

29 January 2012


Went to Penang last weekend.

It was the 1st wedding for 2012 on my wedding invitation list.

My UOB Colleague, Aini.

We decided to drive instead of taking the plane.

So dah alang-alang pergi jauh sampai Penang, might as well we stay for 1 more night there.
Lagi pun it was a long weekend. So we stayed for 2 nights.

It was a Saturday, the sky was clear. and the highways was predictably packed & scary..
We were on the road for nearly 8 hours.
Took-off at 8am, arrived in Penang at around 3-4pm.

Let the pictures do the talking. ;)

The iconic poles

Goodbye Penang!

16 January 2012

two thousand twelve

Will be turning 26 this year.

Think it'll be a wedding year for me.

I mean, for me to go.
I meant, weddings for me to attend. LOL

Kalau faham, good. Kalau tak faham takpa. Aku pun tak faham sangat nanti.


What are your plans for the year?
Any NEW new year resolutions?
How about last year's new year resolution? Have you fulfilled them?
No back-logged ya? Confirm?

I, myself, never set one. never follow any.
If I were to set it, I know for sure I'm not gonna follow it.
But if you can't get it done by 31st Dec 2011, there's always 31st Dec 2012! ;)


Have you take a look at this year's public holidays?
I always refer to this website.
Handy for working people who need to apply, plan & schedule their annual leave. *points self*

For weddings only, I'm booked for Jan, Feb, Oct & Dec.
Not inclusive of wedding invitations that I have yet received.
Some more, I'm going to Japan this summer. Can't wait!



Have you watched this?

Love the humour.

Long time no see

Its good feeling to see that your friends are doing well.

We may not be that close anymore but, some how or rather I am glad that I am able to know you.

To come across your path. And so yours to mine.

Come to think of it, I'm glad I made the decision to change school.

To try something new. Experience new place. See new faces. Making new friends.
(Although I was reluctant at first)

If not for my Parents, I would not be able to experience the life I have now & become the person I am now.

Really, everything happens/ed for a reason.

And now, I see it.