02 January 2013

Travelling - Part 1

I have never thought I would have experienced travelling on my own. Be it domestic or abroad. It wasn't even on my new years resolution list! I don't even have a list! LOL.

You may think that its not a big deal travelling without parents or on your own. I have a friend who travelled all the way to the US, alone when he was just in primary school. But for me, growing up, I had never left home or been away from my parents (i.e. boarding school. My school was a mere 5-minute walk from my house. Even when I furthered my studies in degree, I studied in Shah Alam, so no big deal. An hour drive, and I'm home). But we did go for school holiday trips! Definitely.

I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity while I'm young and healthy.

Also, AirAsia made it all possible.

It started off when my colleagues (now, ex-UOBs except for Nadia) and I decided to go on a "spontaneous" 3days-2-nights trip to Langkawi. I guess we decided to do this because we were so stressed up with work, a getaway was a MUST! Furthermore, Airasia was on sale.
It was super fun except when my body decided to get sick and feverish on the first day/night. Second and third day was better, thanks to the ever effective 'panadol'. This was back in March 2011. (Before, you say anything, yes, I had to succumb to allopathic because homeopathy was too slow. Sorry.. )

Lets start.
Left-right: Fuad, Erwin, Afis, Me, Nadia

Fresh seafood and super sedap tomyam. The "waitresses" were pretty too. I remembered 1 of them tried to make a pass on Fuad. LOL. The picture did not do justice though. After dinner, i slept early cause I was so tired. The rest celebrated Fuad's birthday. Nadia brought the cupcakes all the way from KL. So thoughtful of her.

Oh, we stayed at AB Motel. The motel is right on the Pantai Chenang strip. The rooms are spacious too.

Second day: Island hopping

In the afternoon, we bought lots and lots of chocolates. Fuad's were the ones in the luggage. He bought it just to put chocolates. "Orang kampung pesan." he said. hahaha.

That night, we went for a stroll around the chenang strip and stopped for coconut ice blended. *thumbsup!*

 Well whadayaknow.. Third/last day already. Its time to go home.


By the way, prior to this Langkawi trip, in January, I went to Penang for a wedding. Then in february, I went to the Philippines with Mom to visit my sister. She was stationed there for a year. hehe.. May I'll post some pictures from that trip in later posts. Stay tuned! :)

01 January 2013

How to Make Durian Crepe at Home

This video does not belong to me.
But just want to share it here since its the "new craze".
Maybe I'll make some in the future. :)

Source: Khairul Abdullah's youtube.

Happy New Year 2013

Would like to wish everyone a blessed new year.
May this year, will be better than the year before.

Take care.

source from: http://dryicons.com/free-graphics/preview/2013/