01 July 2009


I cant believe i'm starting to miss the good ol' studying days.

where you can just hang the whole day when class got canceled.
buat kerja/homework/take home test/assignments/projects, all at the last minute.
where you just "had" to cheat so you could pass the pop quiz.

I miss the time when I could discuss just about anything with Sabrina, nurul and yana.
About life, family, being lazy, bitching over zuzu, ehm-ehm and college's education system, laughed hard over stupid jokes, trying to smoke shisha but couldnt (i failed hard yo!), touching each others boobies, calling each other t*t*k, lepaking and last minute revising at McD, gaga over tie, late nights at PakLi, discovering yuna and other cool musicians, karaoke-ing after last paper..
OMG. It was just too much.

and im missing it.

working life has taken too much of my time.
love the pay but..
its exhausting kan? im even out of ideas to put title for this entry! XP
now, its even harder to pick clothes to wear for work.
and looking forward for the clock to strike 6pm.
im bad.
a bad employee.

oh well, what to do.
life must go on.
we are all grown up.
we have to grow up eventually.
except occasionally. hehe.

next stop: CFA
kene buka buku balik.

Goodbye 1st half 2009

The entry I posted on 23rd January 2009 was an immature one.

The title itself screams immaturity, childish and selfish.

Half year of 2009 has passed.

A lot had happened.

Learnt a lot too.

got 4 new kittens, insurance, meetings,
2 kittens missing, convocation,
left brownie and blackie (kittens), continued working, real estate,
brownie went for surgery, court, looked for properties, sold properties,
family gatherings, not guilty, spring cleaning, room still messy,
friends got married, friends got pregnant, friends safely lahirkan anak,
fandom, etc.

And with these experiences, I am thankful and glad that I am still alive.

Time has past so quickly.

Farewell first half of 2009. Hello July 2009 and months to come.


Just recently my dear friend has gotten engaged.
He was a classmate who likes to bully people. (during primary years only)
I knew her through him and fellow school mate.
I knew it through facebook.
How bad am I as a friend?

It was my fault for not keeping in touch
and now I'm the one who is sorry
I feel so devastated yet happy for both of them.
Mixed feelings surfaced when I look at the sweet pictures.

I didnt even know the date of their engagement night.
Maybe last Sunday? or is it Saturday? (27th? 28th June 2009?)
Will definitely wont miss the Nikah and Kenduri!
For sure!

Dear Azimah, Dear Syed,
I pray for your happiness and well being.
I know you are in love with each other so stay that way forever.
Congratulations on the engagement my friends. ;)