24 July 2011

for the time being

OMG lama gile tak update.

dont think i'll be updating anytime soon tho..

so ya.

22 March 2011

woot! woot!

Okeh! Enough being sulky! :P
Aku ni tak abis2 post pasal benda yg meleret la. Yang sedih la. Yang itu la. Yang ini la..
Cam tak bersyukur je.. ish ish..

Yesterday was the day to remember. For me that is..
We got our salary review/adjustment/emplacement letter! wooppydidoo~
whereby we are informed of our salary increment(or not), bonus(or not) & our new job level/pangkat(or not)..

You guys must be curious how much i got.
(i maybe delusional thinking that anyone would even be bothered to read this blog. but who cares!)
Gile ape?
Wont be telling la!
Nanti tibe2 some thug bace blog aku, pastu tau how much i got pastu nak kidnap aku.
Tak ke susah nanti aku nk merasa shopping pakai duit bonus tuh?!
hahahahahaha.. Ok, takde maknenye..
Sape la nk kidnap aku? Lagipun ade ke thug2 nak surf internet & do bloghopping? O.o
I doubt it.

The only thing that im gonna say is that..
I'm thankful. I am. Now. Haha.

I say now kan? Coz yesterday i wasn't.
At first i was being sulky, feeling down & dissapointed
(mind you, i dont act that way in front of my colleagues PLEASE. on the inside people! inside! :P)
After telling my perants & sister. The looks on their faces are..
(well not my sister la, shes in philippines! twitter sudeyh~)

And those faces reminded me to be thankful. And now I am.
I have to start thinking like this again:

Someone is enduiring even a harder life right now.
and AT LEAST i have a job.
AT LEAST i have a job that gives stable income & bonuses once a year.
AT LEAST i have a family who loves me & supports me.
Duit boleh cari. Tapi family kite ni satuuu je.
*emo plak*

I'm not saying that you cant complain. tsk!
I do that ALL the timeeee!
But, just always remember that you also have something to be thankful off & thats even better.


Cheers! ;)

20 March 2011

My Personal Favourites

recently i was shown these clips of our fellow malaysians.
they reminded me of kevjumba or even happyslip. with a malaysian twist.
they're good.

they are matluthfi90, inianwarhadi & shortnap (aka maria elena).
ok.. ok.. i may be a biiiit late. but who cares.
they're funny.

these vids are my personal favourites:

ok lah
Assalamualaikum, kalau tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayaaangg~ XD


boleh tak try tak ungkit?

when i tried to be happy, to sound happy.
you question why i was this & that.

even if i told you, it'll be burden to you.
and i dont want to be a burden.

and you KNOW, when you start asking, I become sour.
and there goes our "cheerfulness".
and we said goodbye, meaninglessly.


its my fault.
so keep me lock in vault.
then i wont hurt you anymore by default.

i'm sorry.


hey.. its me again.

well, i think we got older and matured.
its good that we could still laugh about this.

you will always be my friend, if not best. i know you. and you know me.
whenever you are in a pinch, I'm here for you.

which reminds me.
alanis' ironic.
i love this song.

14 March 2011

Eleventh March Twenty Eleven

Though Redcross is not in Malaysia, there are still other local NGOs like Mercy who are going to raise fund & volunteer to help the Japan's Earthquake-Tsunami-Disaster.

they need all the help they can get.

13 March 2011

Technology Ruins Romance: The Airport

this is funny.
technology ruins romance.
it kinda did.. for this dude that is.. haha.

12 March 2011

Just The Way You Are

and when you smile,
the whole world stops and stares for a while.

hooked on this song. by the glee cast. :)

and if you want to here it on loop:

18 January 2011


so.. can you be in MY playlist instead?

17 January 2011

was just..

thinking about you.

02 January 2011

words of encouragement

i'm here for you ♥
you'll get thru this