19 June 2010

check out my new layout!

no longer black and grim.

love it!

oh! my sister got married

photo credit to wan & wan (our photographers)

totally forgot to update on RL.

nikah on 12th june 2010 morning.
kenduri on the same day.
alhamdulillah. everything went smoothly. except for some rain. but its all good. hujan rahmat..

check out these cool photos our photographers took.
kalo sape interested, sila la contact diorg. gambar2 diorg amik are really good! not to mention they're cute too! hua hua hua.. ;P

(i have only seen a few pics. cant wait for the photo album! woi cepat sket oi! :P)

click on links for sneak peaks:
http://irwaneffendy.tumblr.com/ (irwan effendy)
http://riddix.tumblr.com/ (ridhwan razak)

dua-dua nama panggillan wan.
so satu wan one. lagi satu wan two. hahaha. ok lawak bodoh. ;P


Love you sister! i pray for your happiness always. ;)

aww.. look how happy they are.. *sniff sniff*

its that time again

theres something that i dont feel right about.

asyik nak marah.
asyik nk moody.
tarik muka.
tanak senyum.


and this makes him confused.

ive done this before.
last year?
last 2 years?

mesti happen.

i have no clue why.

but i know theres always a reason for this.
i just dont know what.

and no, its not PMS.

17 June 2010


i dont get what i want, i become bitter.
human nature.

so... different topic please~
yesterday my dad/mom found my missing/misplaced watch.
it was on our car all along. pfft me!

today, my telekung pulak hilang.
hilang kt surau.

telekung pun nk curik ke? :/

16 June 2010

i miss

i miss being energetic.

i miss being healthy.

i miss going out at night with my 3 favourite people, lepaking at pak li.

i miss being young.

i miss everyone.

is it okay?

to flirt when you already have someone?

is it only a fling when you cant stop thinking about that someone?

yeah i think it is. i bet it'll only last at least a week or two.

when you flirt, it doesnt really mean that the other person like you for real.

flirt is something you do for fun. its not serious.

or you'll get hurt.

15 June 2010

how time flies like a bee

last post was october 2009.

now its june 2010.

thats show how "motivated" i am to blog.

ive already forgot my email & pword for this blog.

thanks to mozilla's memory pword keeping thingy, i can log in.