16 January 2012

two thousand twelve

Will be turning 26 this year.

Think it'll be a wedding year for me.

I mean, for me to go.
I meant, weddings for me to attend. LOL

Kalau faham, good. Kalau tak faham takpa. Aku pun tak faham sangat nanti.


What are your plans for the year?
Any NEW new year resolutions?
How about last year's new year resolution? Have you fulfilled them?
No back-logged ya? Confirm?

I, myself, never set one. never follow any.
If I were to set it, I know for sure I'm not gonna follow it.
But if you can't get it done by 31st Dec 2011, there's always 31st Dec 2012! ;)


Have you take a look at this year's public holidays?
I always refer to this website.
Handy for working people who need to apply, plan & schedule their annual leave. *points self*

For weddings only, I'm booked for Jan, Feb, Oct & Dec.
Not inclusive of wedding invitations that I have yet received.
Some more, I'm going to Japan this summer. Can't wait!


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