01 July 2009

Goodbye 1st half 2009

The entry I posted on 23rd January 2009 was an immature one.

The title itself screams immaturity, childish and selfish.

Half year of 2009 has passed.

A lot had happened.

Learnt a lot too.

got 4 new kittens, insurance, meetings,
2 kittens missing, convocation,
left brownie and blackie (kittens), continued working, real estate,
brownie went for surgery, court, looked for properties, sold properties,
family gatherings, not guilty, spring cleaning, room still messy,
friends got married, friends got pregnant, friends safely lahirkan anak,
fandom, etc.

And with these experiences, I am thankful and glad that I am still alive.

Time has past so quickly.

Farewell first half of 2009. Hello July 2009 and months to come.

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