01 July 2009


Just recently my dear friend has gotten engaged.
He was a classmate who likes to bully people. (during primary years only)
I knew her through him and fellow school mate.
I knew it through facebook.
How bad am I as a friend?

It was my fault for not keeping in touch
and now I'm the one who is sorry
I feel so devastated yet happy for both of them.
Mixed feelings surfaced when I look at the sweet pictures.

I didnt even know the date of their engagement night.
Maybe last Sunday? or is it Saturday? (27th? 28th June 2009?)
Will definitely wont miss the Nikah and Kenduri!
For sure!

Dear Azimah, Dear Syed,
I pray for your happiness and well being.
I know you are in love with each other so stay that way forever.
Congratulations on the engagement my friends. ;)


beda said...

so did aiman azman and his partner, mas. they got engaged last week, 28th of june. hehe the one i texted you, asking whether you wanna follow me..hehe

hakita said...

alamak! betul la!
abg azfar bgtau kat facebook.
i'm so sorryyy!!!
i didnt even look at my hp the whole of last weekend. i prasan your msg on monday.
haha. sorry!
so did you go?
any pictures taken?

beda said...

too bad that i didn't go. takde trnspot. kinda pissd off gak at the time. huhuhu tp on his wedding, aku nk sgt2 amek gmba dorg!