20 October 2008


Recent events have led me to write these thoughts.
Could also be my insecurities.

These are the synonyms from the word "friend".

Sometimes you can’t live without them
Sometimes you just can’t stand them!
Sometimes you need them.
Sometimes you just don’t want them at all!

We become close because of time spent together.
Because of space that was provided to us.
Because of enjoying one's company.

But sometimes it can be annoying.
With one’s attitude, habits and actions.

But we still need them.
We still need their company.

What for?

To feel secure that you have something/someone to lean on?
To hate? To look down upon? To envy? Or to admire?

Backstabbing, misunderstanding, badmouthing
Are the little things I hate that maybe tagged along “friendship”
Not to say I am clean from it.
But will try hard not to succumb to it easily.

Seeing people got hurt because of friends.
Because of trusting so easily and got hurt so hard.
Losing the care and love.
Sometimes its even harder than losing a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Yes. Because of those terms:
“Friends forever”
“Friends for life”

And when these ties were broken based on misunderstanding, envious or just because.
It hurts as bad as being shot/stab at the chest for times can’t be counted.

Name calling will be one of the things happen after “the break”

Amazing how people can change when they have "allies".
Not just from good to bad,
But also from bad to good.

Friends are influences.
In life.
In making choices.

Even though one is not close.

Then what about peer pressure?
What about it?
Trying to please/impress a certain crowd.
Trying to meet their “requirements” to be associated with them?
For self-assurance of acceptance?
Then, i guess. Friends could be peer pressure?

But there ARE friendship that lasts a lifetime.
That gives one the strength to stay alive.
That gives the support they need.
To be happy.
So.. Friend is power?

I’ve seen best friends become enemies. That lastly hates each others guts.
But then there’s enemies who becomes soul mates. Who accepts one's weaknesses and strengths and compromised.
And total strangers understood one another for a cause they believed in.

The course of meeting, understanding and caring could be short.
Could take a whole life.
But if one wants the friendship to last.
One has to work for it. Nurture it. Trust it.

Then again.
What IS friend?

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