29 October 2008

Money Money Money Moooooney!

trying as much as possible to finish this work.
but at the same time glad that i got to learn something that is.. interesting.
something that i took for granted before.

havent talked bout raya..
ahaha. raya is about to end.
and this year is the least amount of time i spent celebrating it.
with not getting yet my baju raya. and visited lil number of open house(s).
raya is just not that kind of raya anymore. (well this year that is..)
lets see.. less than 10? no. 5 (open houses).
does visiting cousins and 2nd cousins count?
i guess..
the only friend's open house i went was anim's.
this time, the raya mood has been turned off.
as u aged, it gets less interesting.
but mayb petrol got to do with it.
it has gotten waaayy up, then went down juuuuust a little, then went down again..
the government is trying their hardest to please the ppl they fooled.
but still.
everything is getting expensive.
recession is coming. or.. its already arrived.

ahaha.. what happen from raya to recession?
its all about the money.
u cant live without money.
same as u cant live without air, food, family, friends, love, internet, blogs, etc.
money IS happiness.
in order for me to write on this blog, requires a laptop, internet connection, wireless router laptop cooler, electricity.
and that entails quite a big some of money.
and im trying to learn/understand on how to expand it instead of finishing it. XD

in the future, whereby it WILL happen.
i will be sleeping on beds of money.
where at times i'd say, "i dont care how much it costs, just buy it!"


sabrina said...

aku suka duet!
aku suka kaya!
aku bakal orang kaya!


hakita said...

mesti laa..
u and i will be org kaya.