19 October 2008

blissful days

Updating for the hiatus time i was in.

Got back from Shah Alam today!! ^O^/

15th October was my very last paper for degree.
after this, has to be ready for internship in december.
that night, went to red box, sunway for karaoke and tension-release.
till got no voice to sing.
but someone managed to maintain her voice throughout the night.
amazing i tell you..
AND still hyper after sending me off. i was already dreaming of my pillow..
*kudos to my BFF for being soo energetic! YAY~* XD

16th October
went to sunway pyramid (again!)
for a movie instead.
watched my favourite actor, Shia LeBouf's latest movie.
Eagle Eye.
towards the end, its kinda predictable but still.
Love this movie. and him. ;P (his 22 this year by the way. same age!)
Cant wait for transformer 2! ♥

17th was a lade back/lazy day for me.
didnt even start packing for kl.
thought to self, will do it tonight.

17th/18th late night/early morning (respectively) starts packing for kl.
nothing much. compared to my other housemates' stuff and clothes and such.. XD

18th afternoon/evening waited for mom to pick me up.
wore baju kurung thinking that we would go to an open house but..
today, the baju kurung was not fully utilized.
at 4.30/5pm we started moving.
on the way home, talked bout this and that and bla bla bla..
and lastly decided to have dinner out with the family.
it has been a very long time since we went out and have dinner as a family and especially on weekends. (since kl being jam and all on weekends)

As usual, kl was jammed as ever.
thank God, with the power of attraction and optimism we managed to settle things and proceed with the plan. ^^v
"things will go well when we want it to be.."
Went to Tony Romas at Pavilion.
The route to go there was stressful if you cant control your anger.
Alhamdulillah nobody was in that kind of foul mood.
Everyone was happy.
and I was in pure bliss when my family is happy.
plus my parents were being all ♥lovey dovey♥. XD
i've never seen this in public before, at home yes (to the extend of puking) but not in public.
i was like, awwwwww... so sweet. *geram!!* XP

took lotsa pictures of the food we ordered.
will update on the photos when my sister uploads it soon.

Mom was hilarious, Dad was being funny with the peace-signs al over.
Plus thess two "berebut" to finish their sudokus first before the other while waiting for our food to come..
The starter was jusssttt nice.
The meat was amazing~~~
Umi ordered 5 bountiful (world's famous) ribs. Yes 5.
but she managed to finish only 2 and half while the rest was given to us and "tapau"-ed.
So cute the way my mom ate those ribs. Sungguh bersemangat!!! XD
(will post them soon enough! ;) the photos.)

Had a great day.
I guess, i woke up on the right side of the bed. :D
Till then, bye for now. ;)


sabrina said...

suara i sedap kan???!!

the best part is the bsb song and the dangdut song!! sakit pinggang okkkaaayyyy~

tony romas~ drooollll~~

hakita said...

hahahaha!! sedap la sgt!
terkejut, smpi abis pun ur voice tak abis2 lg. LOL

tau takpe!
tony romas was awesome!!