04 November 2008

finished speaking! XD

yes! finished with the speaking test!


arrived at venue at 11am.
saw a few people waiting outside.
so we were asked to go into a room called the Quarantine Room.
There we will wait for our turn to "speak".
The room was dead silent when the examiner came in.

First group of four was called at 11.30 am.
at 12.10pm, the second group.
the 3rd group at 12.50pm.
I was put in the last group as Candidate A.

by 12pm i was already bored and sleepy.
slept for a while. *sempat mimpi kot!* hahahaha!
1.30pm. the examiner lady came in.
at last! our turn came.

anxious. yes thats the word to describe.
why? imagine this.
you are about to sit for an exam which you didnt even study for.

but. like everyone said.
easy peasy lemon squeezy japanesey.
well.. it was kinda.
what ever it is, you have to be interactive and active,
and i did!

it only last for....
15/20 minutes.
but the wait was too long. *blah!*

will be sitting for reading, writing and listening this saturday.
wish me luck! again. ;P
*thanx to everyone who wished me luck! it lighten the nervous a bit.. :D*


org.kaya.sabrina said...

i remember that listening part for me is quite tough for the 1st Q..
u know... i always have trouble listening..hehehe~
but then for the 2nd Q..ive learn the trick..
the trick is to read the Q 1st..so that we know what we shud listen to..hehe~

goodluck again darl~

hakita said...

oooo! wow!
thanx for the useful tip!

will definitely use it! :D

Lydia Rizna said...

kalau tak bleh bukak je tudung tu.. show off sikit sehelai pun jadi la.. mesti diorang bagi full marks. hahahaha.

hakita said...