02 November 2008


is it good for u?
does it gives u strengths to go on with life?
are family attachments?

but sometimes we need to let go. (not all of them)
in order to be better.

need to let go.
but couldn't.
just couldn't.

yes. it will be very painful.
but one needs to think of the future.
will it be as one would planned?

will this chemistry last forever.
after years.
it will fade.
then, how we would to let go that easily?
this kind of attachment IS bad.

therefore, how do YOU let go?
after knowing each other all these years so well it annoys you?
u just cant let go THAT easily..

it'll give u guilt.
for you will hurt that person when u made that decision to leave.
u will feel regret.
for you will be asking yourself, why did u made that initial step to be close with that person in the first place.

the good thing bout attachments.
it'll give u a sense of security.
that you have achieved the target u planned for.

this is shallow.
i need to let go.
but i still dont know.


sabrina said...

letting go..
mungkin kita rasa seperti sudah melepaskan..
tapi realitinya belum..
mungkin kita fikir kita belum melepaskan..
tapi realitinya sudah..

i merapu.. hehe..
all the best for the muet!!
keep on posting!

p/s: ur post is too good and asyek all the time sampai susah i nak komen eventho juta kali bace..hehe..janji!!

p/s again:sometimes i feel like the word verification ni kerja yahudi nak curik maklumat and details pasal semua orng..haha~

hakita said...

too good? u joke ha?
thank u dear~ ;x

psl word verification.
mungkin gak the yahudis create it tuk melengahkn mase kite tuk bg komen. cheeehh.. XDDD