17 November 2008

What's for dinner?

today, my dad had to cook dinner.
its not something new. really.
coz my dad and i usually cook dinner when mom went outstation.

but today i wasn't at home.
so i wouldn't know what had happen while i was away.
by the time i got home, everyone had already eaten dinner.
then i took a look what was on the dinner table.
waaaaaaaahh!! kuah ikan masak kicap! ni first time abah masak ni!
i said to myself.
but nenek told me that abah cooked while he was on the phone.
waaa.. my multi-tasker-daddy!

what's amazing was.
for the first time i tasted kuah ikan masak kicap plus (see the boldness of the word) asam!
yes! kuah kicap rase asam!
coz we all know, its either manis or masin. right?
and that what my dad cooked.
kuah ikan (tongkol a.k.a tuna) masak kicap campur asam keping. XD

heres how our conversation went
me: daddy! sedap la ikan masak kicap abah tu!! (tahan gelak)
abah: ye ke? tapiii.... abah rase ade kurang laa.. macam something was off.
me: hahahahahaaha!! mesti la! abah letak asam keping!!! XDD *gelak gelak gelak*
me: camne abah buat actually? *still laughing*
abah: i tgk tv, on how to make ikan masak kicap BUT! it was steam.
tapi i buat kuah la. the steps were the same.
mula-mula, letak la ape patut. Like, bawang putih, besar, oyster sauce, kicap, ikan.
then.. bile nk abis2 tu.. rase macam ade yang tak cukup.
macam manis jee..
i menyampuk: ehh.. daddy! its either manis or masin laa.. kan? *gelak lagi*
abah: ha? yeke? hahahaha!! whatever la, abah terus letak asam keping!!
*we both laughed hard!*

the weird thing is, its kinda..... sedap?
i'm an asam freak, so kuah asam, asam pedas, tom yam, anything masam and pedas, i can eat all day, all night.
so maybe my judgment is kinda bias. :P

the side dishes were..
sliced fresh tomato (acted as the ulam/sayur), and sambal. that's it!
macam makanan bujang. hahaha!!
well, kinda. since my mom pergi outstation.

so here is the dinner my dearest dad made~ XD

innocent looking kuah kicap

XD *i cant help it!*

the "salad"

the sambal. err.. whats left of it XD

abah.. abah..


org.kaya.sabrina said...

cute okkay~
gee.. miss my daddd~

hakita said...

smpi skrg tak abis2 lg kuah tu! XD
my dad pun tanak makan dah.
siot tk? XD

lullaby said...

sedap tak?

kicap.macam sedap