29 September 2008


29th September 2008.
Is the day that..
Makes me remember why I love my family and KL.
Makes me remember why I love my high school years and friends.

My dear friends from high school made a small/mini reunion/gathering.
Or shall we say, a farewell majlis for our dear friend ajea.
He will be going to Taiwan to continue studying/work in design THIS 30th September 2008!
I guess he will be raya-ing there. Poor boy.
But you know, good opportunity doesn't come easily.
I'm glad he decided to go.
Best of luck WAN FAZIL!! ;)

Anyways, let me tell how it went. The whole day went.
My day started late. -___-;;
I'll just start from the time we buka puasa.
The day before, my mom, eldest sister and I decided that today we will go for terawih.
And so, at 8pm we went to our neighbourhood masjid, Muadz bin Jabal Masjid.
Went for a 12 rakaat, and read the Quran for a bit.
Got back home at 10pm.
As we were on our way back home, we past by a night market?
It is like a mini uptown? Setiawangsa-ians called the bacK Lane. (noticed the K and L being capitals? Good idea huh? Instead of the standard uptown.)
BacK Lane opens only Friday till Sunday and starts from 10.30/11pm till morning I guess.
(It's I'm doing a promotion or something. XD)

So we decided to go home and change. Just to see whats there.
Bile lagi kan? My mom and sis said.
Ya.. Bile lagi.. kn? :) Smiled to myself.

Nothing looks interesting enough for me though.
Mom bought a pair of shoes worth rm20!
An original Marie Claire from Bata. Original price was rm89.90.
Imagine that. What a bargain yo~ XD
And she also bought a baju melayu for my brother. A white one. At rm25!
Another bargain! XD

Thinking nobody will call me and me not having pockets,
I didn't bring anything. Even my handphones.
So after jalan-jalan at the bacK Lane, arrived home at 11.30pm.
Checked my handphones.
Maxis, 3 miss calls and 1 messege.
Digi, 5 miss calls and 1 messege.
I was like eeeehhh..?? Sape yang call banyak-banyak ni?
Those miss calls were from Fadhli, Amar and a messege from Lydia.
All were from 10.30pm.
And so I messeged them back.
Fadhli immediately called back.
Saying that Ikhwan is holding a bbq, a small gathering for ajea.
Since he is going to Taiwan and all.
To my surprise, my parents let me go as long as I follow the curfew.

The food was great too! Had chicken and beef.
Cooked well. :D
Ahh.. The meeting of familiar faces brings back memories..
So here are the pictures of my happiness. ;)

Raya is just around the corner.
So I would like to take this opportunity to wish every Muslim a joyous Eid-ul-Fitr surrounded with humbleness and keinsafan.
And not to forgot, maaf zahir batin sincerely from the heart. ;)


sabrina said...

hey budak bandar,,hehehe..
selamat hari raya!!
im freaking exhausted kene lap2 chandelier laa alih this n that..penattt.
reallocate carpets..
God..sometimes i think we(my fam) r too overrated bout hari raya.hahaha...
klaka kan my dad n mom..hahaha..

hmm..i shud have amik gamba before n after rite!!
regards to family..

hakita said...

hahhaha.. baru bace ur comment.
dah abis raya dah pun..

tp best laa ur raya!
not overrated at all!
except that our family malas je.