16 September 2008



Second entry~ *throw confetti*
Although my header screams Happiness is Here, I don't think my recent posts are about happiness. Yet. >.< style="font-style: italic;">happiness. ^^

Okay then, my second copy-pasting series.
A poem yet again. ^^;
This maybe my last one?

BUT!! Be warned! The following text has some major jiwang issue!!!!
Even I can't believe that I, wrote this one. Seriously!
But you know, I don't think I can write this sort of stuff anymore..

Anyways, here it goes.
*brace oneselves*

Untitled by Atikah Ansari, 2nd January 2006

i knew i loved you..
from the moment i met you..
from the moment our eyes gazed upon each other..
on that very moment i know that we are destined to be together..

i must confess, its a sudden i know..
but i wouldnt say it if im not sure..
for you’re the only one that my heart fell for..
and that you are my happiness, my pain, my prized possession, my only treasure..

through the years we’ve been friends..
i could always rely on you for comfort, for security, for assurance..
as for now the right moment has arrived
for me to confess that..
you have my heart..

you have thought me the lessons of life..
how we both thrived..
to emerge and be the best we could be..
and that we can do anything n make it a reality..

all this time we talked about our dreams and goals..
to play such good and honourable roles..
whether in our daily lives or in the battlefield..
our destiny is to be fulfilled..

when and if we get to go through the gateways of heaven..
i can only say, life without you i cant imagine..
as for you are my sole compassion..
and my utmost alligence..

i want to express my deepest gratitude
for your most sincere atitude..
im thanking God for making me see
opening my eyes to many possibilities
and that He has led me to you as you are to me..

I KNOW! Jiwang karat tak boleh blah!! :O

What to do? This was written 2 years ago with me being naive and err... innocent? XD
Comments are welcome BUT, be gentle? Hehehe.. :D

I think there is another poem to be published just around the corner.
So watch out for it.
And no, its not jiwang karat!! XD
I guess its about what i was thinking at that moment.
Will explain more in the next post~



sabrina said...

owww man~
never knew how jiwang u can be..
nice poem tho..

clap clap for 2nd posting!!

cltai2010 said...

Tai was here!!!



hakita9 said...

tu la! jiwang tahap gaban!! :">
malu!! malu!!

and errrr...
hai tai! :O