14 September 2008

posto no ichi


Another blog to write on.
Right now, I have, in total, 4 blogs. Including this. XD
This time, I think I want to change my way of writing.
Or a change of air.
Or not. ^^;
You might ask yourself right about now, "why on earth would she has so many blogs?"
Well.. Its a question even I couldn't answer. LOL

Anyways, for this very first post and a few next to come, I will be just copy-pasting posts from my not-so-updated-well-no-longer-updated-blog-which-I'm-going-to-close-it-down.
There, i wrote quite a number of entries, even i was surprise at how many I have written. LOL.
Poems and rants about nothing.

This will be the first of many posts about my past skepticism, uncertainties on life or whatever there is to talk about.
So here goes. Originally from Atikah. *wink*

14 December 2005, Atikah Ansari

Confusingly I am happy with myself but at the same time I'm worried that I might somehow disappoint someone I care and love so dearly..
In the midst of a silent and dark night, I cried in my sleep..
I wept in my dreams even..
Though my dreams are forgettable but some could leave a very big impression on me..
Which at times made me think whether my actions are sincere,
Whether my intentions are correct and truthful or far from it..

I loved a lot of people in my past years and still am now very much care for these people but sometimes my bloody big ego gets in the way..
Making sure that I will not let my guard down even in front of my loved ones..

Sad isn't it? But it is in me..
I can't stop it but I may change it or go around it..
Hmm.. Just maybe I could..
But I am always thankful that these people managed to find my "coolness",
Managed to see that I'm not always hard,
Managed to love me even..

I am glad..
I am truly grateful..
I've been blessed with such gentle-hearted people..
Only God could repay such kindness..
I'm falling..
And will always fall..
But somehow I couldn't reach the ground..
Although it feels so near yet it seems as if getting there takes a life time..

I guess I should learn something from my "old" me?

As of now, this will be it.
Will continue copy-pasting from my other/old blog soon.

Till then, do take care.
The whether has been difficult? (being rainy/hot and all..)
O ya, did I mentioned that right now is Ramadhan?
The more for you to take care that health of yours ya? ;)


. said...

yey!! the 1st one to comment..

u suffer blogaholics kot!!
tu yg 4 blogs tu..

to to hear ur inner thots soon..
kalau arashi i tak paham~


hakita9 said...

tu la!!
i think i'm blogaholic.
no, i AM a blogaholic!!
*gasps* O_O

thanx! will try and update as often as possible. ^^;