23 September 2008


At last a forth post.
Been neglecting to update.
Yup.. Short attention span syndrome.
I guess.. Thats why I have 4 blogs. XD


Anyways, had promised myself to update this blog within this week.
As this blog is about happiness,
I'd like to share my lil own happiness. Current obsession to be exact.
No.. This time its not about Arashi.
I got another blog to handle that fandom. XD

My lil own happiness for now is random picture taking.
With other people/anything interesting as my subjects.
Especially Sabrina. XD
As she had said so herself,
"semua gamba aku muke lain2 dan muke aku lain dari gamba"
That is kinda true. XD took lots of candid photos of her but she got pissed at me. :S
Since I got a 2 mega pixel camera phone. Nothing can stop me! *insert evil laugh here* >:D

On September 13th 2008.
My friends (sabrina, nurul and yana) and I went for a buka puasa.
At first I think we were headed to a well-known restaurant (forgot it's name).
Then our attention was caught by this all-white-corner-lot restaurant called
Out of curiosity and excitement for a new place, we went there instead. ^^v

Quite a surprise for me, the restaurant was empty!
In my opinion, they had a great concept. An all white Malaysian food?
But I guess, its a new restaurant.. They have a long way to go.

The atmosphere and the evening breeze gave a very good first impression.
As we settled down and looking at the menu, I asked 1 of it's waiter,
"Dah lame buka?" (soalan buffer XD)
"Baru 2 minggu."
"Oohh.. Err.. Kedai memang kosong ke?" (straight to the point. oops! tak tapis plak~)
"Takde la, semalam penuh!"
"Ooohh.. Wow~ Ok.." (dalam hati: nanti penuh la ni..)

15 minutes before buka: Us girls
Azan for buka: Us girls
15 minutes after buka: Us girls
Half an hour after buka: Us girls
Heading home: Us girls.

Even though there was 1 table "reserved", no one came..
*bunyi cengkerik*
Talked to myself while nodding, "hmm.. mane penuhnye..?"

The food was alright. A bit pricey for my taste.
Pity, the menu has little variety.
But as the waiter claimed, this menu will be used only during Ramadhan.
Nonetheless, we had a good time taking pictures.

At least we got to experience once-in-a-lifetime 1st class/VIP treatment from a new restaurant.


cltai2010 said...

Wow, nice music player!!!



sabrina said...

alas..u updated THIS blog--this is to show that u have many other blogs n sites.haha

yup..it was kinda funny hangout that time where we conquered the cafe ourselves.. kinda feel like pricess-like..haha..

n yeah..u r kejam as u burst out that magic Question!! haha..poor that fellow have to cover up for their cafe..(n this kinda remind me to the MQA case!!)

n yeah..u really like to secretly took my pics..please capture other pretty faces ..haha

n this is to dearest tai.. please put some emotion to your comment!!
comment piranha pandai pulak..


hakita9 said...

thanx tai.
i guess.. brape byk u letak that exclamation marks, still doesnt show ur emotions. XD
sabrina = cikgu emotions.

tu laa sab! terkeluar plak soalan cepu emas!
ehh.. ur face yg paling sesuai to b my subject at the time.. other faces.. well.. not as interesting~ ;P

who said...

its a pity u guys came when there's no one around where almost everyday thruout the fasting month the place was pack wit people.. the reserved table had to cancel their reservation last minute under certain circumstances.
the menu was meant to be like that because in djendela, our aim is to served customer gud fud in a second. so, sori wit the lil variety. we still do served the same menu this eid month (of cos ade penambahan menu)
the market niche for the restaurant was also meant for working people n catering purposes. since people flooding at our old branch (Uncle's) the owner have to open up a new restaurant wit a new concept.

hope, the explanation satisfied u...
we were really glad to served u guys on that day, n thank you for being our customer on that day. (FYI,later after b'buka, several people do came)
at least, u guys have the chance to be served as VIP... :)