18 September 2008


Had fun today. Took some good pictures of my subjects (sabrina and friends ^^)
But little work has been done. -___-;; adoi..

Yes.. yet another poem by yours truly.
An old one too.
Let me explain a bit.
This time, the poem is about..
Something that you see everyday.
Something that you use everyday.
Something that you can't live without.
And no, its not air. Its a thing. *duh!* XD

Enough with the suspense already.
I bring you:

Mirror by Atikah Ansari, 18th January 2006


does it portrays the truest beauty that one could have
or does it portrays one unusual behaviour..?

does it resembles one’s mightiest affection
or does it resembles one’s weakest defection..?

does it shows the sad feeling, the pain and the disappointment in one’s eyes
or does it only shows the beautiful colours of one’s eyes..?

does it flaunts one’s amazing personalities and characteristics
or does it only flaunts one’s outer district..?

does it reveals one’s darkest secret that only one can hold
or does it reveals only one’s ability to cover with lies and fraud..?

does it tells one’s deepest secrets
or does it tells one’s biggest heartiest regrets..?

does it shows one’s mission to be among the greatest
or does it shows one’s great faith..?

does it portrays one’s sole ambition
or does it portrays one’s inner devastations..?

does it shows one’s perfect happiness
or does it shows one’s incredibly heart-felt sadness..?


a perfect disguise to distract oneself..
a perfect tool to fool anyone..
the perfect approach to face the truth
the perfect illusion..

a question of liability
a question of honesty
a question of predictability
a question of curiosity..

or is it just only a reflection of the one who beholds it..?
that can only be the truth as its only a reflection..

Ya.. Very amateur-ish. XD
Actually my inspiration for this is quite simple.
Just a mere mirror. ahaha..
I love mirrors, don't get me wrong.
But it got me thinking of what it's main purpose.
What it really does to people..

So what do think of mirrors after this?
Does it really resembles you?


sabrina said...

yup...very little work indeed....haiz~

waaahhh~ nice poem...kudos!!gimme more!!!

and darn!!! what a layout!!dengki plak~ hehe..

p/s: u mmg!!suke amik gamba i pelik2.. ish ish

hakita9 said...

haiz~ indeed...
my house has too much distractions i guess.. :/

and thanx! nice ke? YAY! :D

bout the layout..
i. am. a. genius. XDD

ps: hey! you r my best subject nenek!! ;)

jot said...


i take around 2 hours spend but
still can't understand it cik!

i'm too lembab lah cik!


hakita9 said...

ya.. but poems are meant to be misunderstood or cant be understood at all..

even if i read shakespere's works, i wouldnt understand at all.. same goes here, dear jot~ ;)

thanx for dropping by~ ^^